"it's time to change the tune"

Ming Da Italia is the outcome of a mixture of two philosophies-Asian and European.

The craftsmanship and personal touches make sound of our products unique and excellent, which shall be thanks to Mei-Xing (pronounced 'meisėn') for over twenty years producing quality appliances.

Founded in 1991, Mei-Xing has been manufacturing tube amplifiers for international brands, while since 1998, company has began to produce amplifiers with their own brand "MING DA".

Ming Da in Chinese means that 'striving for better construction', that is the cornerstone of the philosophy of company .

The founder, Mr. Xiao Jigui, is fond of tube amplifiers and design of sound, and deems that the quality of the sound equipment makes something very personal.

Built patiently

He participates in all stages of product realization, in collaboration with the team, from design to shipment.

All amplifiers are hand built with high quality components. Jinvina valves are specially made and carefully tested for the brand to ensure they meet the specifications required by Ming Da.

The transformers are made with superior components from Japan and many other components, such as the frame which is made in house by CNC machine to maintain optimal control of quality of the components.

Quality of Components

In terms of electronic components, Ming Da has been using the best from all over the world, such as volume controls from Alps, capacitors from Aerovox, Philips and well known audiophile capacitors from Jensen. In accordance with the production process, all the amplifiers are tested for 60 hours before being shipped to Italy.

Mei-Xing Ming Da is one of the a few Chinese manufacturers that ISO certified and CE certified.

We, Ming Da Italia, have had further test for some of the goods arrived in Italy, which is to ensure products to our resellers works perfectly.