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The organization responsible for the use of personal data of" mingdaitalia.com " is Schermo 33 srl, address: via Prisciano, 72 Roma (RM)- Italia.
It has the duty to protect each personal data.


Schermo 33 srl respects the rights of its Members to be informed about the collection and other operations concerning their personal data. In the treatment of the data that may directly or indirectly concerns you, we will apply a principle of strict necessity .


The following are the policies of privacy protection and we will explain what information we collect and why and how they are used in accordance with the personal Privacy. The information is not transmitted to third parties . Schermo 33 srl keeps and does not transmit the information collected on this site .


Schermo 33 srl does not sell, rent or transmit the information to third parties, unless required by contract , legal process or by law. Schermo 33 srl may share data with their partners, but such information will not be linked to personal identifiable information. Schermo 33 srl checks carefully the privacy policies of its partners, affiliates and branches to ensure that they reflect exactly the privacy relating to mingdaitalia.com .


Our site may contain links to other websites which are outside our control and are not covered by our Privacy Policy. By accessing other sites using the links you run the risk that the operators of such websites collect your personal data . These data may be used in accordance with the privacy policies of these sites that may differ from those of mingdaitalia.com . To correct or update your personal information mingdaitalia.com allows users to update or correct their personal data.


If you do not want to be part of our mailing list , please read the above described deactivation procedures. Corrections and changes to personal data will cause a few days delay , as Schermo 33 srl , before making the change, verifies the identity of those who have requested such changes. To correct or change your personal details , please send an e- mail to our customer service or send a letter to: Schermo 33 srl via Prisciano, 72 Roma (RM)- Italia.


You have the right to access personal data. To obtain a copy of personal data held by Schermo 33 srl please write to the same address above.
Schermo 33 srl
via Prisciano, 72,
Rome, Italy
Phone: +39 349 684 1457
Email: info@mingdaitalia.com