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Schermo 33 srl informs consumers that the conditions of the commercial guarantee below affect the rights in favor of consumer by the provisions of the European Consumer Code.

To use our free service, the product should be covered by warranty. In order to verify the validity of the guarantee, Schermo 33 srl, will require purchase document. In case of absence of such a document, our service will be realized with reasonable fees.


The product must not be modified

The product must be purchased from an authorized dealers; Schermo 33 srl will not provide any guarantee to products imported from others.
The product must be traceable; it prohibites removal, abrasion, deletion of the serial number of the product and the warranty seal.
All repairs must be performed by an authorized service center of Schermo 33 srl
Damage caused by accidental events such as lightning, flood, fire, abuse or negligence are not covered by the warranty.

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